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served chilled
il vino è vivo

there are countless types of grapes beyond those that have become favoured by supermarkets, critics, sommeliers and consumers in recent years.

our list is a collection of predominantly italian varieties, from across a range of climates, with all wines grown and produced organically. whilst the grapes we all know, chardonnay, shiraz, sauvignon blanc and the like, are wonderful, thereare many other grape varieties lurking unheralded in vineyards around the globe. these varieties are equally as amazing as those we find familiar, if not more so.

with wine we wanted to begin in the regions of italy and get a sense of the places that are the foundation stones of italian wine’s relationship with food. over time this list will evolve to become predominately australian. as the climate warms, wines are going to change significantly. more than ever the region and the producer are going to have to adapt. we have removed vintages from the list as we trust the producer and place and wish to support them throughout all seasons. the most exciting thing about wine is its ability to express the people and place it comes from – we hope this list gives a snapshot of that magic.

all wines are sustainably farmed without chemicals and served chilled between 5 and 15 degrees.

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