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il vino è vivo

cicciabella is a celebration of italo-australian culture, food, wine, art and music. the italian food & wine culture was implemented in this country by our parents & grandparents and is a heritage that we are now proud to perpetuate. we feel that our wine list reflects what we want in our glass and cicciabella is the true embodiment of the way we love to eat and drink.

on this page, you will find a collection of wines made by producers we are proud to support from afar or even some closer to home that we call friends & family.

we like to support the little guy and believe that over the last year, this support both at home and in Italy is more important now than ever. this is why you might see some growth in our australian listings as we increasingly look to our own backyard, in favour of reaching abroad.

sustainability and ethical farming are all so important in the modern world. as such, all of the suppliers we support are dedicated to farming organically and or biodynamically. they also, for the most part, practice minimal intervention or natural winemaking techniques as a shared ethos, but we realise that not every year is perfect, so we also don’t judge when this is not possible. our support is constant through good vintages and bad, which is why you won’t see any vintages listed on the menu.

we hope that you find our list intriguing and exciting to browse through. whether you’re keen to smash a ribolla gialla, get down with a barolo or cruise through your night with a classic pinot grigio, we are confident we have a wine in here for you. we’ve added some fun tasting notes on the list to help you choose but we’re always here for a chat if you’re keen.

all wines are served chilled between 5 and 15 degrees.

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