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Herbs and spices to boost your gut health

Healthy digestion is essential for a robust immunity system and a long, happy life. In our modern world, almost everyone is affected by digestive disorders. We may experience gas, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and indigestion. Do you recognize these symptoms? We often don’t notice or acknowledge them for what they are. It’s much easier to believe that it’s mild discomfort. It can happen, but it also doesn’t. Many of us don’t seek treatment for years.

A good saying comes to mind: “We are what we consume.” Many cultures believe the gut is the key to a healthy immune system and a strong body. A healthy diet can be incomplete without ancient spices and herbs to aid digestion.

Since ancient times, these five herbs and spices have been added to foods because of their healing properties and benefits for the gut.

Coriander seeds

Coriander is one of the best herbs and spices to use for heartburn. It is excellent for soothing an upset tummy and prevents gas. Coriander is still a great spice, even if you have a sensitive stomach.

Add two teaspoons of seeds to a glass of hot water for a natural remedy to help you eliminate bloating, ulcers, gas pains, and diarrhea. Here’s another helpful tip: Add coriander daily to your food, and you will be protected against allergies.


Fennel’s anti-inflammatory properties help prevent bowel disease and calm indigestion. Also, it makes your skin radiant. It’s served in India after meals to balance digestion, refresh the breath and reduce stomach acid.

After a meal, chew fennel instead of gum to improve gut health. Add it to your tea to soothe gas pains in babies.


Cardamom can enhance the taste of bland foods. When mixed with coffee and tea, Cardamom neutralizes caffeine’s stimulating effects. This is a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety. It is known to reduce excess stomach acid and restore bowel functions.

Cardamom can help reduce gas and bloating in the stomach and small intestinal tract. Chewing it after a meal is a natural and healthy way to freshen your breath. Sweet treats that have a hint of Cardamom are also extraordinary.


Ginger is a powerful immune booster that can treat coughs and colds. Many people add ginger to warm drinks in the winter. Ginger can also naturally lower blood sugar levels. The spicy taste of ginger and its sweet aftertaste have both cooling and heating effects on digestion.

It can help ease nausea or motion sickness if you are rarely hungry. Suppose you do not have this problem but feel you have overeaten; mix 10-20g of the powder with hot water. Add some honey and lemon to help neutralize toxins.

Cumin seeds

Cumin is a common spice. It’s not an ordinary spice, I assure you. Cumin, in addition to being rich in iron, is also great for stimulating the immune system.

Within three months, 1-2 teaspoons of cumin seeds daily 15 minutes before mealtime will be a natural health protector. Cumin seeds can also speed up the weight loss process when added to a healthy diet. Cumin’s strong flavor makes it best combined with other spices. It’s a powerful digestive aid that helps to cleanse your intestine of parasites and toxins.

There are many ways to enjoy these herbs and spices. You can add them to smoothies, meals, teas, and cookies or roast them in the oven. There are many options. You can improve your immune system and stomach health without leaving the house.

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