Inspired by the southern coast of Italy, the classic Maurice Terzini style and the playfulness of Mitch Orr, CicciaBella is an Italian Osteria – long the home to local Italian dining – fuelled by our wood-fired oven and a modern approach.

“For the first time in my career we are closing a very successful gig to start another …”
– Maurice Terzini

The menu is designed for you to eat in your own style, whether sharing mains, or ordering heavily from the antipasti menu. Expect to find much of Mitch’s skill in the pasta kitchen anchored by the flavours he has become renowned for, mixed with a light and healthy seasonal approach that makes much sense of life by the beach.

“We are aiming to deliver food that hits every part of the palette.”
– Mitch Orr

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Head chef
Mitch Orr

James Hird

Design and identity